The Suggsverse

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Originally, Heir to the Stars was described as the First Floor of the Cosmic Hierarchy. However, more Floors were revealed. Then, the Fortresses were revealed. After that, the Lion's Den and higher echelons were revealed. The Heir to the Stars verse encompasses all of the former. However, that is just beginning. By going on the realms of philosophy introduced, the zenith of the Heir to the Stars "verse" is "Verseology." However, there are higher...

The levels listed are NOT all of them. These are just a few that will be mentioned. On the smallest scope of things, what's listed is no more than the fetus of an Ant in comparison to what is not listed on here.

Between the Floors and iQ19>8, the amount of floors in-between surpasses Number Concepts, Sequences, Sets, Cardinality, Levels, Infinity, Eternity, Possibility, Nothingness, and Totalities.

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